The Company
Citicar Transportation Corporation is a well-known Black Car company in the metropolitan area of New York since 1986. Citicar has successfully acquired several competitive companies during the last years, namely Galaxy Limousine (1987), Apollo Limousine (1989) and Regent Two-Way (1992).
New York City The Operation
The company is a fully computerized operation providing ground transportation services to major corporate accounts. Drivers are franchisees of the company. The fleet is maintained by a self-policy system in accordance with the Franchise Law of New York.

Citicar dispatches on three radio channels that are owned by Citicar itself. The company owns all base equipment and mobile radios. Customer satisfaction and billing are by the company.

Insurance is provided by Royal Insurance Company and New York Merchant Bankers Insurance Company. All vehicles are insured by Empire Insurance Company and also approved by other major insurance providers for the Black Car industry.

Citicar Transportation Corporation strives to provide the highest standards of luxury car service in the industry. Our clients receive personalized service through our unique "Selected and Preferred" VIP card system. It was designed to expedite their request for service in the minimum amount of time possible while providing our reservationists pertinent data to expeditiously process the call, such as call back telephone numbers and as many as 5 most frequent pick up and drop off locations.

With few exceptions, all client company contacts are known in person through initial sales calls; follow up meetings, client service visits. Frequent telephone contact for customer service assurance assists Citicar in monitoring the quality control of our drivers on the road.

We also fulfill our corporate clients' requirements for stretch limousines, vans, and mini-buses. Our on-site dispatching service provides our clients and their guests with City-style valet car service at their corporate functions during the holiday season and at other corporate sponsored events throughout the year.

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