Outside Terminal Pick Up (customer will call)
Passenger makes reservation and is given a confirmation number.  The car is dispatched to the waiting area at the airport.  The passenger lands and when ready to exit the terminal calls the 800 airport hotline 1-800-456-3548 to get their assigned car number.  The driver is dispatched to the designated pick up area within 5 to 10 minutes.  This option eliminates unnecessary billable waiting time and no shows.
airport Meet and Greet
Passenger makes reservation.  The car is dispatched according to the flight arrival time confirmed to us by the airline.  The driver calls the dispatch room when inside the airport to confirm his location and communicate any updated flight information.
If no contact is made between driver and passenger, Citicar will release the driver 45 minutes after domestic flight arrival time and 60 minutes after international flight arrival time.
Please be sure your inbound passengers call Citicar toll free if they do not immediately see their assigned driver.  No show charges and waiting time will be incurred if the passenger leaves without calling.

Please note:

  • Citicar dispatches according to flight arrival time confirmed to us by the airline.  Once the driver is dispatched, we are not responsible for delay time after that.
  • Meet and greet - $12 service charge plus parking.   There is no charge for the first 15 minutes waiting time.
  • Airport Hotline 1-800-456-3548 toll free from all area airports and departure cities.

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