Citicar offers 'Preferred Service' to eliminate any possible delay in your important, busy schedule.
This is our GUARANTEED 'on time' service.
Your assigned driver is scheduled well in advance of your reservation time and will be at your pick up location when you are ready to go!
He will not be stuck in traffic or unforeseen gridlock trying to get to you from his last job.
You will also receive the extra advantages of a well-spoken, seasoned, business-attired motorist driving a current model Lincoln Town Car or Volvo.
Reserve 'peace of mind' at the following rates:

Preferred Service 2009 Rates

  $51 Minimum Charge Per Ride (Point to Point in Manhattan)
  Time Job: Minimum 2 hours - $71 per hour (NYC boroughs only)
  Waiting Time: $60 per hour (prorated 15 minute increments @ $15)
  To or From Out of Town: Add $30 to regular Citicar service Town Rate.
  To or From Airport: (Manhattan Rates)
Laguardia $70      JFK $89      Newark $97      Teterboro $103
(Airport "Meet & Greet" $12 includes first 15 minutes waiting time)
  Cancellation Policy: A $5 charge will be billed for all cancellations made after the reservation is confirmed by Citicar or will be billed as follows:

  • Local Jobs: Cancellations less than 2 hours prior to reservation time will be billed at full rate of job.
  • Out of Town Airports: Cancellation less than 4 hours prior to reservation time will be billed at full rate to the pick up location.
    (Rates exclusive of tolls, telephone, voucher processing fee)

To reserve your car, please call Ms. Vivian Wei, Fleet Manager, in the Citicar Business office at 718-707-9000.
To get more information or price quotes not listed above, please call our Billing office at 718-707-9000.